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A 10% weight loss can dramatically improve your health, and significantly reduce the impact of many chronic diseases

Why This Matters

Losing and sustaining weight loss makes a big difference in peoples’ lives:

  • Helps PREVENT a wide variety of medical problems
  • Helps IMPROVE the outcomes of chronic medical conditions

Many medical specialties have now set a target of 10% weight loss to improve problems that include: breast cancer and various other cancers, liver disease, heart disease, including atrial fibrillation, and many other illnesses.

To highlight the potential positive impact, a 10% weight loss can result in a seven-fold decreased rate of recurring episodes of atrial fibrillation.

Our Program

Our initial evaluation includes a review of previous weight loss history, eating habits, physical activity and a review of current medications, as sometimes they can be inhibiting weight loss.

Access to a smart phone is required. This helps us remotely monitor your progress so we can help guide you, and work together to develop specific options that are right for you.

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Team Approach

In addition to our Obesity Medicine Specialist, to help guide you with lifestyle modifications, we have a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a special interest in Nutrition, and a Nurse Practitioner dedicated to Weight Loss Management. Together, we use a patient-centered, team approach to help you develop plans and strategies to succeed.

Should medications be required, we make an assessment as to what best suits your needs. Our medical evaluation helps us decide on the most effective course of treatment.

We look forward to working with you to help you realize…

Powerful Health Benefits with 10% Weight Loss


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Power of 10 Team

Dr. Robert Myers

Dr. Myers, founder of Power of 10, is a board certified specialist in Obesity Medicine. He is dedicated to helping patients achieve their best self, by not only losing weight, but importantly, by sustaining those losses. This helps patients reap the tremendous health benefits from their significant accomplishment. Dr. Myers understands many patients have succeeded at weight loss throughout their lives, but have struggled to maintain those losses. That’s why he decided to focus in this area.

Dr. Myers is a graduate of Oxford College and Medical School in England. After a residency at UT Southwestern, Dr. Myers has practiced Internal Medicine over 30 years.

Kelsey Reisch, Nurse Practitioner

Kelsey graduated from Chapman University, magna cum laude, receiving her bachelors of science in Biological Sciences. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University, becoming an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner, while working as a registered nurse in home health with spinal cord injuries.

Kelsey has an interest in Obesity Medicine, as this condition can greatly affect the well-being of each patient. Kelsey is a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society, and a recipient of the Daisy award.

Kelsey enjoys being outdoors, exercising, traveling, and exploring new places.

Coach Nancy

Nancy is a Master Certified Wellness Coach, with an interest in Nutrition.

Nancy is passionate about helping patients explore new ways to integrate healthy food, simple preparation ideas, and physical activity into their daily lives. In addition to her interest in healthy eating, Nancy enjoys nature walks, Pilates, movies, and spending time with her family, friends and dog.

Why Power of 10?

We’re called Power of 10, because a 10% weight loss is a major milestone that can dramatically improve your health and significantly reduce the impact of many chronic diseases.

Meaning of 9 Rings

While there are tremendous health benefits with a 10% weight loss, the 9 rings around the center of the circle, shown above, also tell a story. Each ring represents a 1% weight loss, to recognize the positive impact on one’s health, realized along the way. There are many health issues that can be significantly improved with a 5% weight loss. So from a starting point of 1%, all the way to 10%, pounds will be lost, and benefits will be gained! And the closer you get to the center, the greater the positive impact on your overall health.

We look forward to being your guide on this healthful journey.

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