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Texting & Telemedicine Services

We’re excited to offer our established patients increased connectivity and convenience in their health care, with the addition of Texting and Telemedicine Services.


is available for patients who either:

    1. Sign up on our Patient Portal, OR
    2. Participate in our Medicare Chronic Care Management Program

Texting will help you easily and efficiently communicate with our staff, during office hours, for issues that do not require a phone call, telemedicine or in-person visit.

All texting is HIPAA compliant, and will be available during regular office hours.

Q&A: Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions:


1. What do I need to do to sign up for Texting/Telemedicine?

You must first be established as a patient, which means coming in to the office for an initial evaluation, so we can get an understanding of your medical history. Just call our office at 214-824-4585.

2. Can I do Texting/Telemedicine for my first appointment?

For the first appointment, you must come in for an in-person check-up.

3. How do I schedule a Telemedicine session?

Once you’re established as a patient in our practice, you’ll receive a hand-out on how our texting and telemedicine services work, and how to schedule appointments.


Commercial Insurance

This service is covered by most commercial insurance. If your plan does not cover it, the fee is $50 for a routine telemedicine visit, and very occasionally, $75 for longer, or more complicated sessions.